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Bandhua Mukti Morcha (Account Holder)
Saving Account No:- 1098101027301 (For Foreign Donors)
Saving Account No:- 1098101026571 (For Indian Donors)
FCRA:- 231650802 15/5/1996
Address: Jeevan Bharati Building, Tower ll, Sansad Marg, New Delhi – 110 001


Let’s eradicate Hunger, Poverty and Modern Day Slavery (Forced Labour & Child Labour)TOGETHER

For last five decades we have been working for Social Justice causes particularly for the eradication of Bonded Labour, Child Labour, Sati System, Female Feticide, Alcoholism, discrimination based on gender and Caste etc. Because we are followers of spiritual values based on humanity, we organize our all programs and projects with the basic motive of welfare and development of all people of our society whether of any Caste or Creed. We also raise voice for the voiceless birds and animals.

One of our greatest achievements is Public Interest Litigations which was brought into existence in the Supreme Court by our efforts and the historical verdict we achieved has become the important part of syllabus for law students i.e. Bandhua Mukti Morcha Vs. Union of India and others (3SCC 1984). Through our national and international campaigns we brought the struggle against modern day slavery and exploitation to the platform of United Nations and these serious issues were discussed globally.

Our pro- active social justice campaigns brought about Parliamentary Legislative Reforms viz Child Labour Prevention & Regulation Act of 1986, Sati Prevention act of 1987, Right to Education2009, Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao 2014 and so on— Please visit – and

On the basis of our five decade long struggle we have come to realize that we still have to fight hard to make our nation free from our social evils like poverty, unemployment, lack of awareness about our rights and importance of education and clean environment which should be the priority of whole society and The Government.. And it will be possible only when we get cooperation and active participation of compassionate people like yourself..

With your help for our activities and peaceful agitations we will bring great changes in the govt. policies for the welfare of the poor and the labouring class. And for the smooth attainment of our commonweal related targets we are going to organize many more activities, programs, and projects for which we seek grants and donations.

You receive a satisfaction that you act as a catalyst to make one person’s life sustainable through this sponsorship.

1. Every quarterly you receive the status of your sponsorship beneficiary  about the Impact of your contribution.

2. Your name and photograph is put in our supporters page in BMM Website.

3. Every year you receive our E- annual report of BMM. 

4. Your invaluable support, help and donation will strengthen our philanthropic objectives and activities.

We are registered under laws and regulations of Govt. of India and donations received by us are entitled for tax exemption under 80G of Income Tax Act 1961. PAN-AAATB0985H. We are eligible to receive foreign contribution under FCRA.

Looking forward for a favourable response from you very soon.